For researchers

Outreach services for scientific researchers.

Increase the audience of your scientific results and methods. You have the science, I set up the outreach. Available in Danish and English.

Publication Outreach

You recently published a scientific paper and you want to convey your findings to the general public. Successful outreach requires a clear strategy, efficient planning and professional execution. This process takes time, which is the one quantity a scientist typically do not have.

I provide a lead on the full process, from stakeholder analysis to creation of outreach content and marketing. Your message will be conveyed to the right audience at the right time.

A selection of outreach elements include:

  • Popular scientific articles (online and printed media)
  • YouTube videos
  • Infographics
  • Posters and flyers
  • Public outreach talks

Contact me if you have a scientific message, that you want to convey to a broader audience. Typical time scale for this work varies from one week to a few months.

Longer Outreach Projects

Your research institution has a scientific objective and an established profile in your field.

Relevant researchers know your scientific work and now you want to broaden your audience beyond the scientific community. Maybe you want to achieve a position as the ‘go-to’ educational institution in your field and attract more students. Maybe you want to brand your institution in the public eye with a longer term effect than what individual publications and findings can do.

Either way, you will need a strategy to build a reliable outreach brand, and a solid execution of the corresponding activities. The brand includes setting up your outreach identifier and telling the best story.

Contact me if you want to build an effective outreach brand outside the scientific community. Typical time scale for this work varies from a few months to a full year.

Outreach Strategy & Planning

You have the scientific publications and you have the outreach content in place. Now you want to define and reach a specific audience to maximize your impact by including factors such as media type, timing, public segment, stakeholder interest, etc.

Contact me if you have the outreach content and want a clearly defined outreach strategy. Typical time scale for this work varies from a few weeks to months.