I had the pleasure of witnessing the great work of Majken and Astronomicca in the context of SDU and the Danish Astronomical Society. Hence it was without hesitation that I entered a collabotion with Astronomicca acting as a highly skilled and motivated consultant and professional partner for performing science communication to the public on behalf [...]

Bertil F. Dorch, Library Director, University of Southern Denmark

I've known Majken since 2008, when we both participated in a particle physics graduate school event at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Since then I have been constantly impressed by her enthusiasm and excitement for science, and her ability to convey this mood to the people around her. She has a solid understanding of [...]

Matti Heikinheimo, Postdoctoral Researcher in physics at University of Helsinki in Finland

Majken has all the most important ingredients, that make a good science communicator: a solid scientific background combined with an excellent ability to adapt her communication to an audience. All of this is wrapped in a personality, which radiates commitment, focus and a fundamental enthusiasm for science. June 2017. Majken har alle de vigtigste ingredienser, [...]

Michael Linden-Vørnle, Astrophysicist (PhD) at DTU Space

Science can make the unthinkable thinkable, the invisible visible and the difficult accessible. Outreach is the key. Majken masters this, even for children. She creates interest and opens for future participation in natural science's quest for questions and answers to understand our Universe. June 2017. Videnskaben kan gøre det ubegribelige begribeligt, det usynlige synligt og [...]

Gry Sommer, school teacher at Hellebækskolen