Will the gigantic star Betelgeuse cause an apocalypse? (Danish only)

I wrote this article together with the Danish astronomer Bertil F. Dorch, who in 2002 proposed that the magnetic activity inside Betelgeuse could lead to observable effects on the surface. Recently, in June 2017, ALMA observed asymmetries in shape and color on the surface of Betelgeuse. Read the popular scientific article on videnskab.dk's website (in [...]

They are 1000 times smaller than SpaceX – but their ambition is just as high

A group of volunteers from Denmark wants to send a human into space in a rocket built by them. Copenhagen Suborbitals is the only group of amateurs in the world with a manned space program. In August this year they will get one step closer to their dream, when they send a rocket 12 km into the air. Read about their sky-high ambitions here.