Download free space-themed wall-papers and screensavers.

Download space wall-papers for your smartphone and screensavers for your desktop.

All wall-papers and screensavers are designed by me and they are free for private use. I share them for free because I love space, and I hope you do as well. If you want access to all future wall-papers and not only the free wall-papers (or if you want just support my work), then you can become a Patreon-support.

You will find download instructions below.

Wall-paper For Smartphone

Follow these instructions to set your new phone background:

  1. Choose the wall-paper you want. Either in the gallery above or in the links below.
  2. Download the photo by pressing your thumb and wait for the option “Save image” to appear as option. (This step will depend on your phone.)
  3. Save the photo in your phone’s photo gallery.
  4. Open your gallery and go to the photo. Select “Use as wallpaper”.

Just got myself some new space wall-paper!

Screensaver For Desktop