Download free space-themed mandala and fill with your own color.

Download this space-themed mandala with white background. Print and fill with colors you like.

This mandala is designed by me and is free for private use. I share it for free because I love space, and I hope you do as well. If you want you can show me your colors by dropping me an email or tagging me on twitter. You can also share it on my Patreon-page. I would love to see your work!

You are also welcome to download the color-version. It looks nice as background on your phone or tablet.

You will find download instructions below.

Space Mandala

Space-themed mandala. Download for private use only. Illustration: Astronomicca.

Follow these instructions to download And Print The Mandala:

  1. Download the photo by pressing your thumb and wait for the option “Save image” to appear as option. (This step will depend on your phone.)
  2. Save the photo in your phone’s photo gallery.
  3. Open your gallery and go to the photo. Select “Print”.

I am drawing space mandala!

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