The past year in Astronomicca, 2021.

As the year is coming to an end, I look back on the year that passed to summarize what I did to communicate science to the public in my little scicomm workshop, Astronomicca.

There is no doubt that my blog is what I love the most, and I hope to have time to write more posts in the year that lies ahead. I love simplifying complex topics and concepts into easily digestible and sometimes even funny reads.

I am absolutely stoked to see that this year I will have had around 10,000 views on my website. Ten thousand. It’s incredible and I am so grateful for every visit my blog gets. Thank you!

Now, let’s dive into the past year in Astronomicca…

Blog posts

This year I wrote a few new posts and also translated a few of the older ones. Some of the new posts were:

Some older posts were translated:


I gave some digital talks the past year, too. They were all to university researchers about how to communicate science to the public. I love these talks because they are always followed by good discussions and questions about how to go about anything from science denial to how to set up a blog and actually have people reading it.

I think this digital setup many of us have used during the pandemic has its pros and cons. The downside for me is definitely that I am not in the room together with the audience and I can’t “feel their vibe” and get a sense of how my communication is coming across. The upside, on the other hand, is that it allows for full freedom when it comes to time and location, eventually leading us to reach more people.

Collaboration – Stories

This year I had the pleasure of teaming up with Vinkelmule. She’s a graphic designer who has a love for drawing aliens. We found what to both of us feels like a perfect collaboration when we matched her aliens with my science stories.

We created two illustrated stories, in Danish:

The stories were so well received and read by both kids and adults. We hope to get the stories out even broader next year.

I absolutely love Fritz, Dario and Sylfia and I think the combination of Vinkelmule’s excellent ability to capture and convey cuteness in an alien goes so well with the space stories I write.

Collaboration – Xmas Calendar

I want to highlight the Xmas Calendar that Vinkelmule and I made this year. It’s a count-down calendar from December 1 to 24 with stories that are mostly true. Since it’s an ongoing project I won’t go into too many details here, but instead encourage you to visit the daily posts and maybe even sign up to receive the next ones.

Thank You

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who visits my posts, follows me on Twitter or Patreon and just generally encourage me to convey the science and the stories I have. You mean so much to me.

Happy holidays!