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April 1st, 2022 – Update:

These last few months my reader stats have gone up quite rapidly, and I feel I now need to be more predictable when it comes to publishing new posts. So, I am making a change. Every Friday there will be a new post out on this blog. The topics will be related to astronomy and science communication, as per usual.

An issue I often hear from readers of my blog is that it’s difficult to stay up to date with the recent posts. Either because the RSS feed only offers the excerpt or because I only advertise it on Twitter and Patreon. And only sometimes. Generally, it’s been -at best- semitransparent and that’s entirely on me.

To solve this issue, I have set up an email list where I can bother you with an email when a new post is out. Right now, this feature is only available via WordPress, but this solution does not work very well for all blog readers.

I hope this more regular posting habit will make it easier for my readers to follow my blog. All posts will be in English.

Whether you sign up or not, the posts will always be hosted here on my website.